ABC Solitiare Free and New IQ Version


Bug Notice (2016/04/10)

The recent version of 8.9.3 has a critical bug. A new version of 8.9.4 has been submitted to Apple for an expedited review. It is expected to be released in 1-3 days!
Sorry for the bug! Thank you for your patience!

Challenge yourself with a true puzzle game!

This is a very enjoyable solitaire game with alphabets. It demands huge observations, great patience and strong challenging spirit! It is extremely difficult, and thus extremely addictive.

You can enjoy ABC Solitaire on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Android Now!

iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPad)
New IQ Version for App Store download:(2018/10/08)

Mac OS

Free (Play Store): (
Free (Local Download):(2019/08/28)
Paid: (
New IQ Version for Google download:(2019/08/28)
New IQ Version for local download:(2019/08/29)

Windows 8

Windows Phone

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